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Alanna Hermary


Hi, I’m Alanna.  I graduated with my bachelor of science in psychiatric nursing in 2014 from Brandon University. 

Since becoming a registered psychiatric nurse, i’ve worked in a multitude of settings with individuals from all unique backgrounds, including children and adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations.

Services: Counselling and Therapeutic play

Ages: Ages 3 and up

More about me

I have furthered my training in an array of areas including trauma focused cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, distress tolerance skills and harm reduction.  Throughout the last 9 years, I have practiced extensively with children and adolescents, and have gained experience with individuals with anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, depression/mood disorders, trauma, and those impacted by others’ substance use.


I aim to ensure my office is a safe, trauma informed space to allow individuals to explore their concerns at their own pace.  I take a collaborative approach, as I believe everyone has an innate ability and strength to work through the challenges they face.

I recognize that every individual is the expert of their own life, and ensure that I am using a client centered, strength based approach with every individual I encounter. I truly believe there is value in sharing and owning your story, and am grateful for every person that feels comfortable to share it with me.

I am an approved provider for First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and private fee for service clients.

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